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The village Mayem had its own village Community possessing the village lands. But as the village Community was unable to pay the land revenue to the King by an order dated 21/1/1816, leased the village lands on royalty basis (Foro) for three generations only to one Diogo da Costa de Ataide Teive on annual payment of eight thousand Xerafins to the Treasury in addition to all payments to Accadaries (Hakkdars) Bottos (Bhatts) and other Mercenarious (servants of the temples.) As per description No 1259 at page 230 of book 4 (old) of Bardez denominated “ Mayem” which taluka is whole village of Bicholim and is composed of paddy fields, coconut trees, cashew trees, mango trees, jackfruit trees, arecanuts trees, bamboos etc.


Due to political situation prevailing at that time Mr Ataide Teive usurped all village lands. The poor villagers could not do anything to safeguard their rights. The lease however ended in 1929 when the third generation expired.


It is on record that one Mr Jose Jaoquim de Noronha legal heir of Mr Ataide Teive filed a suit on 12/6/1867 in the Court asking the court to deposit the lands in the hands of third party till his rights were legally asserted. It is said that the Countess accordingly deposited the land in hands of their third party by an order dt. 11/10/1867.


Many years passed by, and the Mayem Properties remained with Jose Joaquim Noronha legal heir of Ataide Teive, Subsequently, this Jose Joaquim De Noronha had personal title of Dom Counte of Mayem from Portuguese and his wife Dona Filomena Maria Passoa Correia de Noronha.


In the 19 th Century, Mayem was a wild hilly and sparsely populated areas. Dom Conte de Mayem had by way of rehabilitation settled a large number of convicted prisoners here in agricultural occupation. They were housed free of rent as Mundkars. The total area of Evacuee Property at Mayem was reported as 3773.2148 Hrs.


Dom Jose Joaquim de Noronha Count of Mayem (Conde de Mayem) died on 20/4/1929 and his wife had died earlier in 1903. In the year 1903 after the death of Counters Dona Filomena wife of Dom Jose Joaquim de Noronha (Conte de Mayem) One half of the entire estate was allotted to the Count and other half was allotted to his children as inheritance from their mother.

The Count of Mayem before his death executed a public WILL on 17/4/1929 duly modified on 18/4/1929. The said will was duly registered in the Administration of Tiswadi Taluka of Goa (Admistracao do Concelho dos Ilhas de Nova Goa) on 23/4/1929 in the book No 30 at Fls 18 to 20. That the said WILL was the expression of the last wish of the Count de Mayem Dom Jose Joaquim de Noronha by which he bequeathed his disposable quota of properties in favour of Dom Eurico Wolfango D’silva the late husband of Ricardina Emelia Guedes Almeida de Silva Noronha in Toto. The Count of Mayem Jose Joaquim expired on 20/4/1929 and upon his death inventory proceedings were initiated bearing No. 957 in the Court of Civil Judge, Ilhas at Panaji in which Eurico de Noronha was appointed as Cabesa de Casal (Administrater).


Dom Jose Joaquim de Noronha by filling consent and by the said terms drawn and recorded on page 239 of the inventory proceedings the estate of the Count was divided into two parts namely the southern lote and the Northern lote.


The northern lote of the estate was left as Joint property and was distributed by consent among all heirs and taken into account as his non- disposable half of the estate while the southern lote of the estate of the Count Dom Jose was taken to be his disposable quota and in terms of “WILL” was allotted to Dom Eurico de Noronha Wolfango de Silva. It is further held that in the northern half 35/36 (1/36) shares allotted to Dr. Fernando and his wife Maria Elsa.


The will was conditional. The conditions imposed by the will by virtue of which Dom Eurico de Walfango de Silva was bound to permanently reside in the village of Mayem and work towards improvement of the village and was prohibited for transferring or mortgaging in any manner any part of the property allotted to him by the virtue of will.


It is said that in the year 1959, Dom Eurico abandoned Mayem and came to live at Porvorim of Village of Serula and immediately after Liberation of Goa abandoned Goa and left for Portugal from where he was shifted to Angola, Africa where he expired on 6/5/1965.


In 1945, the Portuguese Government promulgated the Decree No 35.230 of 8/12/1945 Ordering the revival of village Communities wherever possible. According to this decree the village Community of Mayem could have been revived soon after it was promulgated but no efforts have been made in this direction by the villagers.


In 1960/61 there appeared a tremendous agitation in Goa directed against the land owners of Cuncolim in Salcete, Gudem in Siolim Bardez and Mayem of Bicholim.

In Mayem, one Atma Dactu Naique a leader of the agitation published pamphlets claiming that Mayem has belonged to the Mundkars and the people from whom the Portuguese has wrested it to bestow it on the Conte.

It is on record that a false document purporting to have come from the historical Archives of the Portuguese was produced in support of the Claim.

In 1962/63 a petition signed by many Mundkars was forwarded to the Govt. of India, Delhi, reporting that all the landowners of Mayem had abondened their Estate and fled to Portugal and requesting the Govt to take charge of the abondened properties. The matter was referred to Goa administration by Central Govt. In the mean while the first election was held in Goa and the Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party had come to power with late Dayanand Bandodkar the first Chief Minister. He acted and seized Mayem Evacuee Property and proceeded to enact the Goa Daman, and Diu Evacuee Property Administration Act 6 of 1964.


The Govt. then proceeded to seize abandoned lands of Mayem. By notification No. ADM 49 dt. 22/7/1965 published in Govt. Gazette series II No 19 dt. 5/8/1965 all properties were listed and vested in the Custodian of Evacuee Property.


By notification published in Govt Gazette series II No 15 dt. 5/7/1968 further more properties were declared as Evacuee Properties on 4 th January 1968 by notification published in Govt Gazette series III No 40, the Custodian declared the legal heirs of late Eurico Noronha de Silva, all heirs and successors in interest of late Eurico and the properties and theirs shares in the Northern half of Mayem Estate are evacuees and their properties were vested in the Custodian.